Turning Serious Fun into Serious Revenue for Burnsville

In Burnsville, property means potential. And nowhere is there more potential for development, revenue, and community engagement than the property on the east side of 35W just south of the Minnesota River.

Here, 35 prime acres sit ready to be transformed into a popular and exciting south metro destination for fun. Currently home to a local driving range, the site, a former landfill closed for more than 55 years, has undergone rigorous and continuous examination to ensure that contaminants from its past do not impact local groundwater or surface water sources. Next door, a Walser auto dealership and self-storage facility thrive on an adjacent former landfilll.

For years, concerns and conflicts regarding the property have kept any development from taking place. Now, finally, a comprehensive plan is taking shape with the support of various stakeholders involved, including – municipal leaders, property owners, elected officials, and environmental experts. This plan will transform the land into a state-of-the-art, three-level, four-season golf driving complex. Add in full-service Pickleball facilities and the entire complex will pulse with excitement, helping put Burnsville on the metro entertainment map – where it belongs. All while protecting human health and the environment.

Every step of this development will be thoughtfully planned and executed with a strong commitment to safeguarding human health and preserving the environment, ensuring that Burnsville’s growth aligns harmoniously with its natural surroundings.